Some useful money saving contacts


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˙        If you are with e-on and you have a Tesco card get points for your energy bills. Tel: 0800 051 0760.


˙ will give you energy saving suggestions. e.g. look for Energy Saving Recommended logo when buying home appliances. A washer with this logo could use 1/3 less energy and save you the initial cost over its lifetime.


˙ has a wealth of information about lowering your bills. e.g. Price comparison for mobile phone tariffs.


˙ screens tradesmen according to several criteria before ranking them based on customer feedback. Could save you stress and money.


˙        The very best deal from on-line book retailers can be found on


˙        Complete your own tax return using a dedicated piece of software such as Taxcalc. It guarantees that you can complete your return in 30 minutes!


˙        Visit to find the least expensive fuel in your area.


˙        Share the cost of travel with


˙        The best boiler for your needs


˙        Swap books and just pay the postage


˙        Don’t bin it – swap it!


˙        Best broadband, phone, energy supplier deals


˙        Help to cut food waste by half


˙        Furniture re-use network


˙        Check out recycling in your area


˙        Pass on unwanted goods to someone who wants them


˙        Eateries where you can take your own wine. Corkage often applies.


˙        Check out your availability for different types of grants




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