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Teachers Money    Teachers Money provides access to financial advice and guidance for mid-career teachers on a range of areas including pension planning, investments, savings and estate planning. Our parent company, the Teachers' Retirement Agency, is one of the leading providers of retirement courses for teachers and is endorsed by the Times Educational Supplement.

We also work in conjunction with BBT Group Limited, who have provided professional financial advice for thousands of schools and individual teachers over many years through their specialist departments. In addition, we provide access to Eduhealth, a private medical insurance scheme tailored specifically for teachers.

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In-School Seminar
Working with LEA’s, unions and individual schools w
e offer in-school seminars run in conjunction with BBT Group Limited. These are usually held on an inset day to minimise disruption of teaching schedules and typically last for 2-3 hours. Our seminars provide teachers with all they need to know to effectively manage their finances and plan for the future!

In School Seminar

  • Teachers' Pension Scheme, State Pension & AVC's
  • Money management & budgeting
  • Income protection, healthcare & life assurance choices
  • Effective estate planning using Wills, Trusts, Property & Lasting Powers of Attorney




To inquire about our in-school seminar please call 0845 644 2585 or click here

Teachers Retirement Agency  

Thinking about retiring? The Teachers' Retirement Agency (TRA) run the highly acclaimed 'Planning for Retirement' one-day, national courses. Endorsed by the Times Educational Supplement, the TRA seminars have been operating nationally for over 15 years and are booked by thousands of schools across the UK each year. Find out more.








BBT Group Limited have delivered professional financial advice through their specialist departments for thousands of teachers over many years. They provide holistic financial planning tailored specifically for teachers. Click here to request an appointment with an Independent Financial Adviser from their specialist department, BBT Asset Management*. 

  BBT Group Limited 


*BBT Asset Management is a trading style of Bebbington Brumby Townend Group Limited, which is an appointed representative of TenetConnect Ltd, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Teachers Money  

Teaching: a vocation or financial goldmine? Few people enter the teaching profession for the money. Teachers repeatedly describe it as a 'vocation', widely recognised as a euphemism for poorly paid. To compare your salary with other teachers in other areas click here.




Teachers' Pay
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"What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation." - Marcus Tullius Cicero



Eduhealth is a private healthcare scheme   

Eduhealth is a private healthcare scheme provided by Healthsaver Limited, which is uniquely costed and tailored specifically to teachers’ needs. It allows you and your family to choose where and when you want to be treated and even more importantly, by whom. Read more




Private school pupils 'earn more' People who have been to private school earn 30% more than those who went to state schools, research suggests [read more]

"Education is the guardian genius of democracy. It is the only dictator that free men recognize, and the only ruler that free men require." - Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar

Money saving tips and budgeting For useful ideas on how to reduce your monthly outgoings and more effectively manage your money visit our money saving tips and budgeting sections.

   Money saving tips





Investments Many teachers have ISA's but don't know what their funds are invested in or how they're performing against the market average! Click here to read more about different types of investments.



"Awaken people’s curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark." - Anatole France


Estate planning – why is it so important? Estate Planning strategy is vital if teachers and their families are to effectively manage and protect their wealth through the generations. Failing to consider what would happen to your wealth in the event of long-term care, death or divorce is a common mistake [find out more]

  Estate Planning 









 Currency converter   Going on holiday? Use our currency converter to work out how much your money is worth in different countries.







 School performance and attainment tables   Where does your school rank? Find out how your school ranks in the achievement and attainment tables, view Ofsted reports on other schools and their profiles. Click here.









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