Your financial health – keep fit!


As part of your financial health-check you need to review your incomings and outgoings.


  • Keeping records How clear an idea do you have of your current budget? Review last year’s income and expenditure. Can you make savings in the future?

  • Your bank account Are you getting the best service and interest rates from your bank? Should you shop around for another bank
  How to effectively manage your finances










  • Your credit cards Do you always pay off your debt each month? If not, plan to do so as soon as you can. Even the best companies charge very high rates of interest.

  • Store cards These are always a very expensive way to borrow. Keep them cleared every month or use another form of credit.

  • Mortgages Shop around for a better deal; competition between providers is fierce.

  • Insurance policies Check current premiums and find out what other companies can offer.

  • Make a will and review it regularly Don’t assume that you should rush off to the solicitor first. Take specialist advice from an Independent Financial Adviser who can help you with Inheritance Tax planning.

“There are two good reasons to be a teacher - July and August!” - Author Unknown


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