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Teachers Money is not authorised to give financial advice. That is why we enlist the services of BBT Group Limited, who have many years experience in providing expert financial advice to teachers and those working within in the education profession.

“At last the Dodo said everybody has won and all must have prizes!” - Lewis Carrol, from Alice in Wonderland









When we open the financial press it is baffling to see that everyone has the top-performing product! In fact anything can be the best over a given period of time but a suitably qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will always look for consistency and track record before making their recommendations to you. However, it is worth looking at the types of investment that they will consider.


BBT Asset Management is a specialist department within BBT Group Limited, providing an overview of the investment world and ‘de-mystifing’ some of the jargon and concepts discussed in the financial press. Click on the relevant link below to find out more:




BBT Asset Management   

Click here to request an appointment with an Independent Financial Adviser from BBT Asset Management (part of BBT Group Limited) to discuss investments and related matters. 







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