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"Teaching is a very different profession these days. It's much more inclusive, gives a stronger career path, the pay is much better and its status has been driven up." - Graham Holley, executive director of Initial Teacher Training


Pay and benefits

All qualified teachers are paid according to pay scales, updated each September by the Government.


Starting salary

Once teachers have completed their initial teacher training and achieved qualified teacher status (QTS), from September 2008 they can expect to start as a newly qualified teacher in England and Wales on £20,627 a year (or £25,000 if you work in inner London).


Main pay scale including NQTs

ˇ        London fringe: £21,619 to £31,138

ˇ        Outer London: £24,000 to £33,544

ˇ        Inner London: £25,000 to £34,768

ˇ        Rest of England and Wales: £20,627 to £30,148 

Leadership and headship pay scales

Progression to a leadership pay scale, or a headship pay scale attracts an increased salary. These pay scales apply include:


ˇ        advanced skills teacher pay scale

ˇ        excellent teacher pay scheme

ˇ        leadership group pay scale, and

ˇ        headteacher pay scale.


Where teachers fit into these scales depends on their position, experience and location, as well as on their individual school.

  Teaching salaries







Pay increases when teachers move up the ladder. Higher salaries go to teachers with managerial roles or extra responsibilities. Extra allowances are made for teachers considered to be excellent. Depending on the size of the school, an experienced headteacher can earn up to £99,585.


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