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The Teachers' Retirement Agency is recognised as one of the leading providers of retirement courses for teachers in the UK. Endorsed by the Times Educational Supplement, their highly acclaimed seminars have been operating nationally for over 15 years and are booked by thousands of schools and individual teachers each year. Find out more





Originally organised by the University of Leeds, the course consists of a number of seminars on important aspects of retirement. Since the University decided that all short courses must lead to accreditation, the TRA was formed to take over the administration and delivery of the same course.

“Beautifully organised, a comprehensive schedule, and warm, knowledgeable presenters make a TRA seminar essential for those considering retirement. A 'must' for any teacher considering retirement.” - Jennifer Beckles, Times Educational Supplement

What does the course cover? For most teachers the decision to retire focuses primarily on financial considerations and as such much of the one day course is devoted to this area. The areas covered include the following:

  • Actuarially Reduced Pensions
  • The Teachers' Pension Scheme and AVC Options
  • State Pension and Other Benefits
  • Money Management and Budgeting
  • Investing for Growth / Income
  • Ensuring Financial Security for Retirement
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Effective Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax
  • Changing Relationships
  • Maintaining Good Health
  • New Beginnings
  • Employment Opportunities

The speakers at the 'Planning for Retirement' courses are retirement consultants with many years experience in teaching. The TRA courses are delivered in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, where delegates can share their experiences and ensure that they are fully prepared to make the most of the life-changing event.

To find out more about the TRA and its one-day courses, including course dates and venues, click here.


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